About Us

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to assist survivors of domestic abuse in rebuilding their lives in dignity.

Our Vision Statement

We want to help reshape the thinking in our world where the thought of using violence to resolve conflicts is no longer an option.

Who We Are

Baitul Salaam Network International, Inc. (BSN) is a nonprofit domestic violence awareness organization. The term Baitul Salaam means “House of Peace” in the Arabic language. BSN is designed to be a refuge for victims of domestic violence who are experiencing danger and distress in their own homes. In the Islamic month of Ramadan in 1997, BSN formed with a group of four Muslim women who were all experiencing some form of domestic violence. These women were able to overcome their circumstances by joining together, supporting each other, and finding purpose in being able to help others who were confronting the same challenges. While BSN does not limit its services to Muslim women, it does have a special sensitivity to those of the Islamic faith. We understand the importance of working within the Islamic guidelines for clients who require it.

BSN is open to helping anyone who requests help. We do not judge. We are a resource for victims of domestic violence as well as those who are experiencing financial hardship and need assistance.

What We Do

Food Pantry: Distribute non-perishable food as well as toiletry items to those in need

Clothing Closet: Distribute all types of clothing, including shoes and winter coats to those in need

Emergency Financial Assistance: Provide Gas Money/Bus Fare, Utility Assistance, Housing Assistance to those in need

Counseling and Referrals: We listen to and counsel victims of domestic violence as well as individuals who have simply encountered financial hardship.

Special Projects: Islamic School in Ghana,

National Eid Toy and Gift Drive,

International Purple Hijab and Kufi Day