The Baitul Salaam Network, Inc. a non-profit through our Outreach office distributes food (the Islamic Food Pantry), counsels, makes referrals, intake for housing and rent payment assistance two days per week.  The staff members are on small stipends (Administrator $800 per month, Outreach Assistant $300 per month). Our office rent is $375 per month. Our landlord is the Family Life Center located in Decatur, GA. Our office supplies, printing and other miscellaneous cost average $125.00 per month, in shaa Allah.

We support a small Islamic School Ghana (38 orphaned children attend there).The village where this school is located is extremely poor. When we send them $100 per month minimum this feeds the children for two whole weeks, insh’Allah. The village can then take the money they would spend on food and use for clothing, shoes, healthcare and other items the children need. Our goal is to send them $100 per month and we try to send the wire on or about the 15th of every month to Ghana, in shaa Allah. Since Ramadan 2011, we have sent just about $3,100 to Ghana.

The National Eid Toy and Gift Drive focuses on getting new toys for children who come from low income families (50K or less). We ship toys to Muslims who live in isolated places like some military installations and now the refugee camps in Turkey, Jordan that our housing the refugees from Syria. This cost on average $500, insh’Allah. This year we plan to ship toys/gifts or send money to the orphaned children in Ghana, insh’Allah.

Zakat and Sadaaqah is used to assist with emergency, transitional and rent assistance. Our goal monthly is to raise $6,500 to assist people who need help in these areas. It can be done without anyone missing out on anything for themselves and local community projects, insh’Allah. Remember our numbers when we remember this we can do a lot more good than we realize. Just think 1,500 giving just $8.00 per month will do a lot to help us meet and surpass our goal, in shaa Allah.

We appreciate your support.
By US Mail:

Baitul Salaam Network, Inc.

3300 Memorial Dr.

Suite 5

Stone Mountain, GA 30083